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Volume 7 June 2016

GJTO, Vol.11, No.1, April 2020, ISSN: 2229-8711

1. Najam Ul Qadir, Md. Rafiul Hassan, Khalid Akhtar1, "Influence of Principal Component Analysis as a Data Conditioning Approach for Training Multilayer Feed forward Neural Networks with Exact Form of Levenberg-Marquardt Algorithm"

2. Toshihiko Yoshimura, Daisaku Maeda, Takayuki Ogi, Fumihiro Kato, Masataka Ijiri, "Son luminescence from Ultra-high-temperature and High-pressure cavitations and its Effect on Surface Modification of Cr-Mo Steel"

3. Nader Barsoum, "Simulation of HVDC Cable Transmission to an AC Optimum Signal "



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