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Volume 7 June 2016

GJTO, Vol.12, No.1, April 2021, ISSN: 2229-8711

1. Zaid Alhihi, "Adding Bluetooth Capabilities to the Vehicle Key Fob"

2. Ameer Khan, "Comparative Analysis of Multi-verse Optimizer with Time Freeze Effect and Basic Multi-verse Optimizer"

3. Pardon Marufu, "Preferred Contexts in Learning Number Concepts Integers in The Intermediate Phase XAddition and Subtraction: Focus on
Three Intermediate Phase Learners in Johannesburg North District


GJTO, Vol.12, No.2, April 2021, ISSN: 2229-8711

4. Arun Pratap Singh, "Comparative Study of Centroid Ranking Method and Robust Ranking Technique in Fuzzy Assignment Problem"

5. Pardon Marufu, "Learning Number Concept Integers Using Preferred Contexts: The Use of Contexts Facilitates the Learning of the Number Context Integers in the Intermediate Phase Classroom"

6. Zaid Alhihi, "Vehicle With Extended Range Remote Control Key Fob"


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